Activities in Cap Corse | Stay at the Hotel Saint Roch

Activities in Corsica near the Hotel Saint Roch

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Not the type to laze around in the sun all day, or simply want to take advantage of your stay on the island of Beauty to create fantastic holiday memories? Discover the unparalleled thrills of aquatic activities, human and cultural discoveries, exceptional outings into the mountains in the heart of the maquis and more. Immerse yourself in the abundant offer of activities in Corsica, to be discovered around the Hotel Saint Roch.

A host of nautical activities in Corsica

Among its unspoilt treasures, our island offers up miles of idyllic beaches, each with its own unique personality. During your stay at the Hotel Saint Roch, you'll experience the most intense aquatic activities in Corsica on the shores of the Mediterranean, in Saint-Florent or on the beaches of Albo and Nonza. Paddleboard rental, boat rental or even jet-ski rental: you'll find everything to delight both young and old.


Set off in a kayak to discover the marine fauna of Marine d'Albo and the surrounding shores. Local nautical clubs also offer paddleboard rental or pedalo rental to admire the sublime view between the mountains and the horizon, along the water.


Go even further in your marine explorations by opting to rent a boat, allowing you to get away from the shore and discover marine species off the coast. Sea outings will also offer the perfect opportunity to discover the enchanting beaches of the Agriates coastline. Finally, thrill seekers can choose to rent a jet ski to admire the view at full speed across the big blue.


In short, the surroundings of the Hotel Saint Roch promise activities in Corsica packed with excitement for all lovers of the sea.


Spectacular hikes and walks for your activities in Corsica

Looking to enjoy some land-based recreation around the Hotel Saint Roch? Our region offers a wide range of activities in Corsica. Discover Cap Corse as you stroll along the coastal trails or take the inland roads to discover the hinterland.


In Ogliastro itself, you can set off on the Barbary Trail from the Genoese tower of Albo. The ruins of the San Michele chapel, the Romanesque San Dumenicu chapel or the Place de l'Annunziata in the village of Ogliastru Suttanu: centuries-old monuments will mark your journey, all timeless witnesses of the region's history. This 5 km walk suitable for all the family is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a breath of fresh air while you discover the beauty of Cap Corse.


More experienced walkers will also enjoy a 9-kilometre loop from Nonza or a 15-kilometre hike through nature from Olmeta di Capocorso to the majestic Monte Stello. A little further along, the Agriates coastal path leads you on a journey between sea and mountain, punctuated with stunning views.


Finally, for lovers of the great outdoors who want to get off the beaten track, a variety of original outdoor leisure activities await you. Quad-bike rental, bike rides, horseback riding or even an aperitif walk: the diversity of activities around Ogliastro in Corsica is sure to delight all travellers.


Discovering culture and heritage during your holidays in Corsica

Your activities in Corsica to enjoy its nature and exceptional panoramas, inevitably leading you to cross paths with places and people you'll never forget.


During your visits to the surrounding towns and villages ??Nonza, Ogliastro and, a little further south, Patrimonio or Saint-Florent ? you'll be immersed in the heart of island traditions and know-how. Artisans and other producers offer you the chance to taste all the flavours of the island of Beauty. Cheeses, cold cuts, wines, gastronomy, essential oils and more. There's so much to discover!


History and culture lovers will be thrilled to visit the many churches, chapels and other menhirs in the area. Not far from the Hotel Saint Roch, you can admire the Genoese tower of Albo, the ruins of the San Michele chapel or even the Romanesque San Dumenicu chapel, among many other sights.

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